What Are Wrinkles On Leather?


People become very confused over wrinkles on leather, wrinkles are very natural. You have a natural skin, and it will wrinkle with use and age, just like any form of natural skin will, including humans. You only have to look in the mirror and frown and you have wrinkles on your forehead.

This pictures shows natural lines in leather, these cant be removed, its like a fingerprint on a human.


Natural Lines In Leather

Natural Lines In Leather


Depending on the quality of the leather fibre structure will determine how this will wrinkle or not as the case may be, depending on how the pelt is tanned and made into a leather will determine its life span and make up.

The fibre structure on the rear of the hide is what’s very important if this is not a close tight fibre structure the leather skin wont be that tight and wrinkles will appear more easily and stretching will take place, the tighter this structure the longer the skin will last without wrinkles appearing on the surface.

A lot of people see videos on YouTube saying this and because someone makes out they can remove wrinkles everyone them thinks this is possible, this isn’t possible at all to remove these lines from leather, you can use fillers on these lines but as the items get used these filler lines will show up the original lines again as the leather flexes and bends with use.

You could sand them smooth, but again as the leather moves around with use, those natural lines will come back again, as those natural lines are not just sat on the surface they are the full depth of the leather hide, so will always show up no matter what you do to the skin.

People often ask questions about this subject asking if heat will remove them, heat will not resolve these natural characteristics from happening, all skin no matter where it’s from, cow, fish, humans it all has natural wrinkles.

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