What Is Beaver Leather?

Beaver Leather Tail

Beaver Leather Tail Hide


Beaver leather and fur is produced from the Beaver, the tail of a Beaver is a hairless part of the Beaver and is widely used for an alternative to crocodile skin.



Beaver Showing The Hairless Tail

Beavers are basically a water Rodent, just a like a rat, but the beaver is much larger in size and has fantastic swimming and diving capabilities due to it rudder like tail.

There are two types of Beaver, the North American Beaver and the Eurasian Beaver.

The North American Beaver lives traditionally in north America and the Eurasian Beaver lives in Europe, Asia and North America. Beavers are the second largest Rodent in the world. The Capybara is the largest rodent in the world, it’s huge in comparison to other rodents. Capybaras can grow to 4.45 feet in length that’s some size for a rodent.

Beaver Leather Fur is also used to make handbags and jackets, this can also be used to make beaver fur gloves.

Beaver fur as a leather jacket is very warm when worn, creating warmth for the body and great comfort.

Beaver Fur

Beaver Leather Fur


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