What Is Buffalo Leather?


buffalo Leather

The Buffalo historical range, by 9000 BCE

Buffalo leather is noticeably different to normal bovine leather. The skin structure is much coarser, and the pores are much larger.

Buffalo leather fibres are much thicker singular fibres, yet it’s still a strong and stable material.

Most buffalo leather hides are sold as aniline leather, so therefore are much more susceptible to staining, colour fading and dirt getting into the much bigger hair pores than traditional aniline leather or bovine leather.

Buffalo leather over time fades and colour can be lost if the proper care isn’t taken to maintain the colour.

Cleaning Buffalo leather isn’t like cleaning pigmented leather, it requires a natural leather cleaner called an Aniline Leather Cleaner. Cleaning must be done from each panel seam to seam to avoid staining marks appearing.

Protection for buffalo leather is essential, ensure this is protected on a regular basis to prolong its life and preserve the colour.

Buffalo leather is used in many sectors of the leather market, from car interiors to bags and furniture.

Buffalo Leather Car Seats

Buffalo hide car interior. This will require regular maintenance to stop stains.


Buffalo Leather Biker Trousers

Buffalo Motorbike trousers used due to thickness and durability and protection.

Buffalo Leather Belt

Some Belts are made from Buffalo due to the strength and thickness required.






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