What Is Everyday Care Of Leather?


With leather being a natural material, it requires care to extend its life span, this can be significantly increased with a proper care plan in place.

Regular cleaning and protection are essential to all leather items to avoid stains, dirt and colour loss taking place on your leather items.

Using the correct products and guidance for leather can keep your leather items looking as good as new for years to come.

If you have radiators close to your leather these will require more protection applied to make sure the hide does not dry out and start to deteriorate and shrink, a monthly application of a nourishing cream is advised. Items left near windows will be exposed to UV rays and these can cause colour fading to take place. If you can turn cushions on a regular basis it’s advised this is done so the same items are not exposed to the same light all the time, it may require the items to be covered with a throw to protect the leather from colour fading.

Dust and debris should be vacuumed off as often as possible as these particles can cause scratching to the surface and start to break down the clear top coating.


Everyday Care

Everyday care For Leather

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