What Are Leather Floors?


A leather floor adds character, warmth and comfort to any room.


Leather Floor

Leather Floor


Most leather floorings are made from thick veg tanned leathers, mainly coloured in darker shades for flooring, or left natural to gain patina over the years.

Another fantastic factor of leather flooring is it offers soundproofing, so it’s fantastic when used on walls to help reduce noise levels.

Veg tanned leather is very costly, and you can imagine putting this down in a room can run into many thousands to achieve.

Luxury boats and yachts have leather floors and walls in them as it adds class, style and that luxurious touch and warmth.

Leather floor tiles can be cut into different shapes and sizes to give a pattern if required, some companies provide standard size tiles in many different patterns.

Leather flooring can come in a variety of grain patterns, from standard leather grain, to exotics like snakes, crocodiles, alligators, buffalo and many more.

Cleaning and care of leather floors requires a different approach to normal leather cleaning. With leather flooring this can be done with a dedicated floor mop that isn’t used for anything else.

Sweep leather floors often to pick up dust and grime as this can cause damage to floors if left, it can cause scratches to appear and scrapes, if using a vacuum make sure it has a soft brush attachment.

Just add lukewarm water into a bucket and then soak your mop in water and wring out thoroughly, so the mop is slightly damp, it doesn’t want to be dripping or very wet at all. Then clean the floor in the normal way with the mop, never adding any other chemicals or solutions to the water, you only need to use a leather cleaner in specific areas where a stain has appeared or in ground dirt wont shift with using the floor mop.

Keeping the floor protected is always essential with specialist products that provide a waterproof protection as well, specialist creams are available for this type of flooring, they can come in many different shades or can even be matched to your floors exact colour if required. The most common version is the neutral tone that has no dye in it, it’s designed as wax to protect only and waterproof.