Maserati Car Leather

Maserati Car Leather

Maserati produce one of the most understated super cars of today.

The Maserati, the sound of that Ferrari engine, the build quality and the status quo it provides.

The Maserati leather is a full grain Nappa leather, only the finest quality hides are selected for all Maserati car leather interiors.

The full grain Nappa leathers are selected from Swiss cattle, the hides are much finer quality, a great deal thicker due to the colder climates and the bug and mite bites won’t affect the cattle’s skin like it would do in a warmer climate.

With cattle selected from colder climates it means much more of the full grain Nappa hide can be used which results in less wastage.

Maserati leather is also called Selva, this is an exclusive print for Maserati selected from the finest cattle, it’s been Maseratis key feature for many years, with its standout grain marks, what we like to call striations, giving it unique ridges, bumps and marks like no other leather hide.

Today you can only get the Selva on the Maserati Grand Turismo models.

Restorers Ltd can make most Maserati Car Leather Colours, if you don’t see your colour listed below, contact Leather Repair Company directly.

Example Maserati Car Leather Colours

Maserati has some of the most amazing cars today, that understated, they are like a family car, but offer tat super car quality, speed and sounds, the engines and exhaust systems are something else, they make them engines just grawl.

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