What is Massaging Leather?


Massaging Leather is a process you have to go through to make leather soft and supple again.

Over time leather can dry out without the correct care and maintenance.

Using the wrong products can also have a chemical change to the tanned process below the surface as all modern leathers that are pigmented have a 1% breathability factor. So, creams and conditioners can still penetrate the surface to keep the leather soft and supple, using products that contain silicone causes this drying out process. Most makes of leather cleaners from car care brands contain silicone to make them as cheap as possible, this just causes drying out and makes the leather hard and brittle in tie.

There are many factors that cause leather to dry out like UV rays, again if the leather has been protected correctly and conditioned on a regular basis then the leather would not have dried out.

Leather can be massaged by hand, but this is a long process, or a leather massager can be used to move over the surface of the leather to massage the leather making it soft and supple again.

Take a look at this video using a leather massaging tool used to move over the surface in all directions to soften the leather, as this massage tool moves around its flexing the leather as it’s the fibres on the reverse of the hide that have become compacted and solid and these need to be softened once again so using the massage tool as its moves over the surface its making the fibres move on the suede side if you wish to call it that and this has loosened them up making it more flexible again.


To get richness and natural softness back in the upper side of the hide, it’s best to use a leather softening crème to tub into the hide, using the leather massage tool this can be pushed in to the skin as you massage the leather backwards and forwards, giving you a beautiful soft leather item once again.

Just using the leather massage tool, it’s amazing how soft and supple it can make leather even without using a softening crème.