Mini Car Leather

Mini is most probably the most famous car in the world, then came “The Italian Job”.

The first Austin Mini built was in August 1959, today the Mini brand is owned by BMW.

In the 1960’s the Mini was a true icon and made even more popular with the film “The Italian Job”

Sales boomed and everyone wanted a mini from every corner of the world. During 1960 to 1967 10,000 left hand drive Minis were exported to the USA.

Minis come in a variety of interior trims, from traditional cloth trim, to vinyl and leather trims, luxury velvet trim.

Some of the Mini’s even came with leather clad steering wheels as well as the traditional hard plastic bakelite type wheels.

In the mid 1990’s BMW purchased the Rover group but retained the Mini brand when selling Rover in the year 2000, BMW brought out the first Mini in the year 2000 also called the Mini one.

The materials used in todays cars are very different to that when the Mini was first produced back in 1959.

Mini has always used many different types of leather and materials, full grain, Aniline Leather, Pigmented and Nappa, as well as a host of other materials from Suede, Nubuck, Alcantara and Vinyl.

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Example Mini Car Leather Colours

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