What is Perforated Leather?


Perforated Leather

small perforations


Perforation is a process of putting small holes in leather, they are punched out and made into various patterns in the process.

Mostly pigmentation leathers are used for perforation, pigmented leathers have a surface colour applied to them, this does reduce the breathability of the leather, but with the perforation holes punched into the leather hide increases the breathable surface considerably.

Pigmented leathers are used mainly on car interiors, but some brands use aniline leather. Daimlers used a lot of aniline leather in its models.

With sitting in vehicles for prolonged periods of time, sweat can cause issues with the leather, this is greatly reduced when the seats are perforated.

Mercedes have a well known leather called basket weave, this is an embossed leather along with perforation holes punched into the leather.


Mercedes Basket Weave

Mercedes Basket Weave


Most car brands have perforated seats as an option when buying new.

Lambs leather driving gloves are also perforated this is to help with sweating to avoid damaging the gloves with gripping steering wheels tightly.


Lambs Leather Perforated Driving Gloves

Lambs Skin Perforated Driving Gloves


Perforated leather is a great deal more delicate than a full pigmented leather seat, due to the perforation causing the leather to be weaker, care has to be taken when cleaning and protecting, over scrubbing with dedicated leather cleaning brushes can cause the punched holes to stretch and tear, likewise when applying protection creams never apply a dob directly to the perforation as this can clog up the punched holes making it look horrible. It’s best to apply the product to a cloth and rub into the cloth first before application.

Restoration also presents a problem when handling repairs and restoration. To restore leather correctly the surface coating has to be removed, the surface coating is the pigmented finish as well as the top coat finish,  this can be a very delicate process on perforated leathers. Great care has to be taken when dealing with this not to tear or distort the perforation, training courses are available to undertake this correctly.

These pictures show some examples of different perforated leathers that can be purchased today from different leather traders.


Oval Perforated Leather

Oval Perforation

Large Hole Perforated Leather

Large Hole Perforated Leather


Irregular Perforated Leather

Irregular Perforation Leather

Diamond Shape Perforated Leather

Diamond Shape Perforation Leather

Embossed Perforation Leather

Embossed Perforation Leather

Line Pattern Perforated Leather

Line Pattern Perforated Leather

Square Punched Perforated Leather

Square Punched Perforation Hides

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