What Are Red and Blue Shades?


This guide gives you an idea of how red and blue colours work when mixed with other colours to gain different colours.

Using this chart you can gain different colour shades by mixing different leather colours together to create new tones and shades of colours.

The guides give you ides of the colours you can make by mixing percentages of colours together to gain different colours in the colour spectrum.


Colour Mixing 4 Red and Blue

Colour Mixing 4 Red and Blue


Red and Blue colours are primary colours and form a very important part of any colour mixing job.

With any industry that involves colours, its always the hardest part of the process and takes great skill and patience to master.


Red and Blue are capable of making two very different shades. From a mid blue to a violet, purple and more.


Red is also a counter acting colour on the colour wheel, red will always cancel out green, re d can also lighten some colours.


Yellow and blue added together make a shade of green, depending how much of each colour you add will determine the colour achieved.


If you add black and red together you are going to create a shade of brown, again this determines if that is a red brown or a very dark black brown that you require.

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