VW Car Leather

VW Car Leather

VW produce what can be considered one of the most famous cars ever built the VW Beetle.

VW Don’t have a large range of leather colours, most VW’s have fabric car seats, along with V-Tex, V-Tex is a fake material to represent leather.

The VW is a famous German brand of family cars, famous for its Beetle and VW Transporters.

VW has got an iconic following with surfers all over the globe.

Unlike some car manufacturers VW give the customer the option of leather in almost every single model. Most VW’s produced come with fabric as standard, but genuine leather and V-Tex are other trim options.

More modern cars don’t have genuine leather VW car leather now has fake materials called V-Tex leatherette it’s a more affordable material but is no substitute for the genuine leather hide.

Restorers Ltd can make most VW Car Leather Colours, if you don’t see your colour listed below, contact Restorers Ltd directly.

Example VW Car Leather Colours

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