What Are Leather wallets?

Leather Wallet

Leather Wallet

Leather wallets are a popular item to hold money and credit cards within them.

Leather wallets are mainly made of cow hide, that of a young calf as the fibres are very tight and the leather is very strong.

Wallets are made by most fashion houses that manufacture bags or cases, some wallets can be very costly, designer brands are an average of around £550 but wallets can cost as much as £31,000 to buy a Stefano Ricci eagle embossed crocodile leather wallet.

Stefano Ricci Leather Wallet

Stefano Ricci Leather Wallet

Taking care of such valuable items can be a complicated task, putting too much in a wallet can distort the wallet making it look unsightly, causing damage by stretching the leather out of shape.

Cleaning designer wallets depends on the type of leather the wallet is, a standard cow hide wallet or calf skin wallet can be done with a leather cleaner and protection cream, on the other hand items that are made of exotic leathers like crocodile skins must be cleaned with an aniline leather cleaner as it’s much more natural, crocodile leather can still be protected with a protection cream.

Leather wallets are made of almost any type of leather, including kangaroo leather, snake skin, stingray and ostrich leather just to mention a few.

Each type of leather wallet requires a different approach to care and conditioning to extend the life of the item considerably.

Chicken leather is used to produce leather wallets, but these hides are miniature as you can only use the legs of a chicken for leather, so the tiny hides are all sewn together to create the item.

Chicken Leather Wallet

Chicken Leather Wallet

On exotic skins it’s always best to clean with a leather cleaner that’s as natural as possible like a luxury leather cleaner or aniline leather cleaner. When cleaning any type of exotic leather it’s best carried out with a super fine lint free natural cloth spraying the solution directly into the cloth and gently massaging the cleaner into the wallet to ensure it deeps cleans the leather. Leather brushes can be too harsh for exotic leathers.

Snakeskin Wallet


Using a leather cleaning brush on cow hide, calf skins and skins like ostrich or kangaroo are perfectly fine if you do this gently without too much scrubbing action carried out.

Snakeskin Leather Wallet

Snakeskin Leather

Countries like China regard wallets and wallet colours as a symbol of wealth and your attitude towards money. The Feng Shui method of over flowing wealth and money is a symbol in China. Colour in Feng Shui is very important, the five most important colours are Red, Deep Blue, Black, Brown and Green. So, when buying a leather wallet pick its colour wisely. Red is often the most popular Feng Shui wallet colour it’s considered to attract wealth and abundance.


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