What Is Wax Pull Up Leather?


Wax Pull Up Leather

Wax Pull Up Leather


This type of leather is like a pure aniline but treated with a wax finish so that it is given some protection and produces colour variations over the leather surface.

Waxy pull up leather is generally absorbent, but this depends on the amount of waxes and oils used to finish the hide.

Pull up leather is mixed with oils and paraffin waxes to create the finish, these are applied to the surface of the hide with a roller to give them a nice patina and finish.

Pull up leather becomes more distressed the more you handle it and use it, gaining even more patina over the years.

Waxy pull up leather has an extremely soft finish to it that can scratch very easily, it’s easy to mistake a wax pull up for a nubuck leather as they can look similar depending on how it’s been finished.

As the wax pull up hide is stretched around the furniture and the corners the pull effect becomes even more apparent on the surface gaining different shades to the skin as it’s put in place.

Scratches in wax pull up leather can be easily rubbed out with your finger as you are moving the waxes around on the surface to re create a better finish again.

Distressed leathers are very similar to pull up leather, both have been aniline dyed originally, but a distressed leather is drum finished with paraffin waxes to create a beautiful distressed look and finish to the hide.

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