What Are Yellow Colour Shades?


This guide gives you an idea of how yellow colours work when mixed with other colours to gain different yellow shades.

Using this chart you can gain different colour shades by mixing different leather colours together to create new tones and shades of colours.

As you can see from this chart below, it helps you and guides to mixing colours to gain different shades and tones, then adding white4s and blacks and what you can achieve.

Colour Mixing Yellow Colour Shade

Colour Mixing Yellow Colour Shade


Colour mixing is the hardest part of the leather restoration process, understanding the colour wheel is essential, its key to the success.

There is also the colour scanner available to download from the app store, which will help you with colour mixing.

Practice makes perfect and with colour mixing you will need to carry out plenty of practice to gain the colours you want to.

Leather colours will always go slightly darker when dried, so make sure you compensate for this when making paints for any leather repair job your carrying out.

Yellow not only works well to lighten some colours and give orange a brighter glow it can also be sued to cancel out some shades.

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