What Is Zeolite?


Zeolite tanning, this process is even safer than chromium iii which is ultra-safe to begin with, zeology leather is chrome free, heavy metal free and aldehyde free. Making it extremely safe for users while leathers are being tanned and when used on leather goods.

Zeology is the first chemicals for leather tanning that use zeolite based formulas to create tanning chemicals.

Leathers tanned using the zeolite chemicals are given a different appearance to the traditional wet blues, they are now known as wet whites as they have this very white natural look to them, due to its bright white finish this enables leathers to be finished using even brighter colours than ever before, allowing for an even whiter white finished leather.

Zeology leather where it’s been tanned with zeolite produces leathers that are far superior in light fastness, grain tightness and heat resistance making it a far more stable leather skin.

Zeolite is chrome free and aldehyde free tanning process making it one of the bulk productions safest ways to tan leather skins with the zeology technology. Zeolites have a unique property that they can absorb or releases water, this is depending on the temperatures. Skins need to absorb water for the tanning process to take place as this is helping the skins become soft, supple and pliable.

Zeolites are microporous, aluminosilicate minerals commonly used as commercial adsorbents and catalysts, they can absorb water and as well a release water, they are used in multiple areas, but when zeolite A and Zeolite X are made synthetically and used along with an organic acid they produce zeolites, which are used in the tanning industry, making this an ultra-safe tanning process for workers and end users as it doesn’t contain chromium products that can cause skin rashes.

With zeolites used, this is known as zeology leather, unlike wet blues, zeology is known as wet whites, as the tanning process for this makes them pure white, so bright that tanners are now able to produce much whiter skins than before, this also allows them to use much brighter colours, making way for a new range of colour shades and variants.

Zeology Leather tanned With Zeolites

Zeology Leather tanned With Zeolites

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