What Are Black Leather Jackets?

Leather Jackets are a wardrobe staple of today. It’s an iconic item that all began in the early 1900’s when brown leather flight jackets were worn by aviators and members of military.

Leather jackets can totally transform an outfit. Giving it a reason and purpose, depending on the style. Something more subtle, a lighter lamb leather jacket gives a more sophisticated look compared to a more rugged biker jacket that gives a more masculine look.

Back in 1928 Irvin Schott designed the first motorcycle jacket, can you imagine this sold for $5.50 in Harley Davidson store in NYC this began the revolution of that wardrobe staple.

Black Leather Jackets do become faded over time with scuffing and scrapes showing up.

With a lot of earlier black leather jackets, when faded, these went an almost green like colour. Some go almost white with fading; this is due to the strength of older pigments and processes compared to today.

Black Leather Jackets Colour Faded and Worn

Colour Faded and Worn

Below is another very old back leather jacket where it’s gone almost white in areas over the years where the colour has completely faded and been lost.

Old Leather Jackets Colour Faded

Old Black Leather Jackets Colour Faded

On more modern jackets, dyes are stronger and more stable, this allows them to last longer and withstand UV rays and weather conditions of today.

Ladies Black Jacket Cuff Area  Ladies Black Leather Jackets Showing Signs Of Wear

Modern Ladies Black Leather Jackets Showing The Main Body & Cuff Areas Faded

Ladies Leather Jackets Collar Area

Modern Ladies Black Leather Jackets Showing The Close Up Colour Loss On The Front & Around The Collar Areas

Ladies Black Leather Jackets Showing Signs Of Fading

More Modern Ladies Black Leather Jackets Showing Signs Of Wear & Colour Loss.

Black Leather Jackets become a fashion item when Marlon Brando wore a Black version in the film “The Wild One” in 1953, suddenly sales for this style of jacket went through the roof and the fashion item known as the Black Leather Jacket was born.


Marlon Brando Black jacket

Marlon Brando Famous Leather Jackets

Steve McQueen made leather jackets an essential part of the wardrobe, but when the Beetles wore them the the world went crazy and everyone wanted them.

Today Black Jackets are by far the most popular colour followed by brown jackets.

In the 1970’s women started to add leather jackets to their wardrobes, and this soon caught on and become a fashion item for women all around the world. Singers like Joan Jett made this even more popular by adding decorations like studs and buttons forming patterns on the Jackets.

Black Jackets are made from a variety of Leather, a great deal are made from Cow Hide, a lot of fashion jackets are made from Lamb Nappa or Goat, while some biker jackets are made from Kangaroo and Cow Hide.

Todays leather jackets are as important to some as leather handbags are to others. They have become a wardrobe staple and fashion icon, just like wearing a leather handbag on your arm.

Values on some leather jackets, depending on the designer, increase in value just like leather handbags do. The following isn’t as big as leather handbags, but leather jackets are still on the up and one day they will match leather handbags.

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