What Are Leather Staircases?


Leather Staircase

Leather Stairs

Leather staircases are where the steps or handrails on a staircase have been clad with leather.

Leather Staircase Damaged

Leather Staircase Damaged

Staircase Handrail In Leather

Staircase Handrail In Leather

As well as the stairs steps having leather on them handrails can also have leather placed around them.

Leather handrails are normally put in places of luxury like on boats or cruise ships, the leather is round around the handrails to give it that luxurious feel and touch as you hold the rails on a boat.

Staircases are laid with leather on the steps and this can be done in many different materials, from a pigmented leather, to a nappa leather and for the ultimate in luxury an aniline leather, veg tanned leather is the common favourite type of leather as it gains its natural patina with use and age.

Each type of leather requires a different approach to care and repair, from a natural leather cleaner for pigmented leather to a specialist leather cleaner for veg tanned and aniline leathers.

Restoring leather and re colouring leather staircases also depends on the leather type on the staircase, pigmented leather is by far the easiest to repair and restore and aniline and veg tanned leathers are by far the hardest to restore the colour on. Aniline leathers will naturally go darker as more aniline dyes are applied, veg tanned is a little more forgiving than aniline leather, on a veg tanned you can use special creams to blend in colours and restore damaged areas.

Leather Staircase Handrail In Leather

Leather Stairs Handrail In Leather

The best type of protection for floors is a natural wax with american beeswax content a neutral version and coloured versions are available, but you have to make sure your getting a pure 100% pure natural product with no synthetics in the products.

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