What Are leather trousers?


Motorcycle Leathers

Motorcycle Leathers

The oldest known leather trousers were from the 13th and the 10th century BC, these were made of wool.

Leather trousers are mainly finished off as a smooth, suede or nubuck leather, kangaroo leather is what’s used on a great of motorcycle leathers due to its durability and scuff resistance nature.

Leathers have many different names. Trousers, pants, chaps etc. Chaps is a name from the Spanish word Chaparro, used to cover the legs of cowboys as they rode through low growing thicket that would have damaged the cowboys legs if they didn’t have protective clothing on.


Ladies Leathers

Leather trousers are made mainly from cow hide, but are also made from pig skin, kangaroo leather, lamb leather and even finer better-quality grades are made from calfskin.

Leather trousers come in a variety of finishes from using a split leather, to fine aniline leather finishes, the most common is pigmented leather and on fashion ladies trousers they are a semi aniline leather.

Aniline Leather trousers faded and Stained

Aniline Leathers faded and Stained

Leathers should never be dry cleaned as dry cleaning finer grades of leather can cause colour loss to take place, resulting in needing a colour restoration of the trousers.

Cow leathers can be cleaned with a standard leather cleaner and then protected with a protection cream. Cow leather can be restored and the colour replaced. Semi aniline should be cleaned with an aniline leather cleaner and so must aniline trousers. All these leathers can be protected with a leather protection cream.

Suede and nubuck require a great deal more care than standard leathers, these can’t be cleaned in the normal way you would clean cow leather, these require rubbers and erasers to rub over the surface to clean them correctly. Suede and nubuck can be protected with a special spray on solution that protects against stains and water.

Split In Leather Trousers

Split In Leathers

Pants is an American term for trousers, pants in England are associated with underwear.

Leather shorts are another variety of the trousers, these can be like a chamois leather made from deerskin. Leather shorts or hot pants as they can be known are a favourite item within the sex industry.

Motorcycle leathers get damaged very often with use, where knees have rubber on the road surface or if a rider has come off, they can become scuffed and torn.

Dress type trousers gain splits at seams where the stitching is very fragile and has naturally made the trousers weaker at this point when sewn together.


Ladies Trousers split

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