What Is Open Pore Leather?


Open Pore Leather is porous, this means it can let in moisture, water and liquids.

There are many different types of leathers that are porous, like Suede, Nubuck, Aniline, Crust, Veg Tanned and Vachetta Leather.

Leathers that are porous require special care to ensure they don’t get stained, these can all be protected with special protection products, each designed for each type of leather.

Different Leathers With water On Them

From Left To Right Pigmented Leather, Veg Tanned Leather and Suede Leather

Suede With Water On It

Suede Leather With Water

Veg Tanned Leather With Water On It

Veg Tanned Leather With Water   


          Suede With Water On It and Penetrating                        Pigmented Leather With Water On It

Suede With water Soaking In                                Pigmented Leather With water

When leather has a pigmented coating applied the protection it offers is far superior to Open Pore Leathers. Open pore leathers will allow water, juice and drinks to soak in to the surface causing stains, so protection is essential on these types of leathers to avoid stains and soiling taking place.


Leather that is open pore, can be found in cars as well as furniture and leather handbags, it’s a more delicate leather than a pigmented leather and better care has to be taken to avoid damage occurring.


Ferrari has an open pore skin, with a pigment coating on the surface.

They are just one of many car brands that have that type of leather in vehicles, this can also be found in other luxury leather markets like yachts.

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