What Is Peccary Leather?


peccary leather coloured

Peccary Leather Coloured Skin


A Peccary is a tiny hoofed mammal, almost pig like. It’s also known as a javelina or skunk pig, they are from the family of Tayassuidae animals.

They are found throughout Central and South America and in the southwestern area of North America.

The Peccary are very similar to the capybara animals.




Peccary leather is used in any areas of fashion goods, gloves are a favourite, along with items like purses and wallets.

Peccary leather hides are very luxurious and the best quality skins come from Peru. The leather hides are not very big, a Peccary is only around 90 to 130cm in size to begin with, so as you can imagine the skins are not like a cow hide, so they are used for the fashion industries.

Wild animals’ wars are often had between Peccaries to stand its ground, with its boaring snout, it can pack a bite and you don’t want to put your hand in its mouth either.

Peccary leather comes in many forms, Chrome tanned, Veg Tanned, Pigmented and Crust, as well as hair on hide. Skins are graded for its use, Handbags, Shoes, wallets, Gloves it all depends on the size of the skin and what scars it will have as to what it can be used for and if it’s coloured or left natural or veg tanned.




As you can tell from its snout it’s an animal that can bore and you don’t want to get your hand in that mouth.

There is a company in Peru called Peccary leather to help with the controlled production of leather and to give something back to the community they come from and they use controlled farms to protect them.

Peccary Gloves

Peccary Gloves

All type of fashion items, can be made from the Peccary.

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